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Hi, my name is Demetrio Vega. I am the Founder and President of Bella Fence, LLC. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

Well, like many of you, I moved to Central Florida, specifically Orlando, because I fell in love with the area and found it to be a place where I would want to raise a family. I had a business that fell victim to the economic aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001. I moved here looking for new and better opportunities. I basically needed to start over. Upon my arrival here, I was offered a job in the largest and most well known fence company in the area as an Estimator/ Sales Person. I had experience in construction, but knew nothing about the fence industry.

I quickly developed a passion for this industry and decided I wanted to learn everything about it. I took my job very seriously, and in a relatively short amount of time, I became the Commercial Division Manager for that company, overseeing everything from sales to purchasing, from conceptualizing to designing and acting as Project Manager/Superintendent in all of our big commercial projects. After a few years, I was offered the opportunity to help grow what is today another of the “big names” in fencing in our area. Then, after accomplishing my goals there, another opportunity presented itself to manage and run the second largest fence company in Central Florida. I brought with me all the experience I had gained in my previous positions and was able to accomplish astounding things for that company in just one year!

So now it’s 2014, and after more than a decade of working for, and running some of the “biggest names” in the fence industry here in our beautiful Central Florida, I decided it was time for me to have my own business once again. But I did not want to open my own fence company just for the sake of being a business owner once again, I did this to be the very best fence company in our area, period!

I bring with me all that I learned, good and bad, while working for these companies. My purpose is to improve on the good and correct what these companies do wrong. My main goal is to bring back CRAFTSMANSHIP to this industry, which has been completely lost in this “volume production” market. All these companies suffer from the same syndrome. They all want to play the high volume game, trying to put as many fences in the ground on a daily basis as they possibly can. They need to be in and out in one day on most cases for their “volume business model” to work. This business model, while lucrative for the company owners, is a customer’s worst enemy. This brings extremely low quality workmanship, with installers cutting corners wherever they can to finish quickly. This leaves you, the customer, with probably a good quality product, but a poor, poor installation. Unfortunately, this is the business model that most of the fence companies in our area use. While running these companies, that was the one big thing I tried to correct. I tried to change that mentality, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

With all this said, I created Bella Fence, LLC to set a new standard in our industry. To be the one fence company that all other companies are compared to. To be the very best at what we do and bring back craftsmanship to an industry that has completely thrown it out the window. After all, Bella means beautiful, and that’s exactly what you will get from us, A BEAUTIFUL FENCE!

So please consider us for your next fence project. Give us a call to get an estimate, it’s free!  I personally guaranty you will not be disappointed!

Thank You,

Demetrio Vega

Founder and President of Bella Fence, LLC

Demetrio Vega

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